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Tools to Avoid Burnout and Increase Personal Happiness

This workshop on stress, resiliency, and happiness is sponsored by RNPA, the Registered Nurses Professional Association.


You will learn specific, practical, effective actions to use on a daily basis to care for yourself, improve resilience and satisfaction, and reduce stress and risk of burnout. Recommendations are evidence-based and are drawn from cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and positive psychology research on happiness and quality of life.

After working for 32 years as a psychologist at the Psychiatry clinic of Kaiser-Permanente in Fremont, CA, Dr McMahon is now in private practice in San Francisco specializing in brief effective treatment for stress, anxiety, phobias, worry, and insomnia, and helping people cope with chronic illness. She has co-authored five books for people coping with the chronic illness of lymphedema. She speaks on a variety of topics including preventing burnout, increasing happiness, communication skills to increase adherence, stress, coping with illnesses, psychological first aid, and the use of virtual reality (VR) in psychotherapy.

Date:  September 26, 2018