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Rationale and Implementation for Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

Panel at the APA Technology, Mind, and Society Conference. 

Virtual Reality in The Tech Innovation Network: A model of clinical, industry, and academic partnerships for developing, testing, and implementing mental health technologies. 

Learn about: 

  • Virtual Environments/Augmented Reality
  • Access to/Adoption of Technology
  • Health Care/Telehealth/Digital Health
  • Clinical Benefits of VR Exposure Therapy for anxiety disorders
  • Practice Benefits to adding VR
  • Addressing Clinicians' Concerns

To Learn More, 
Listen to Crazed Podcast #5  
Read the Articles: 2017: J of Health Service Psychology, Spring 2017, vol 43, pp 46-49. “Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy: Bringing ‘in vivo’ Into the Office”
2019: Frontiers of Psychiatry, in press, “Using Virtual Reality to Enhance Therapy: Identifying Areas of Clinical Adoption and Potential Risks”

Look for the upcoming treatment manual: Virtual Reality Therapy for Anxiety: Therapist Guide
 in collaboration DebraBoeldt, PhD and the National Mental Health Innovation Center. In preparation.


Date:  October 4, 2019