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NEW WORKBOOK: "Overcoming Anxiety and Panic interactive guide"

Let this interactive guide help you overcome anxiety and panic attacks. Order now from Amazon. Available worldwide.


This book features a user-friendly anxiety model, an evidence-based approach to anxiety issues, and active-learning exercises. Use it for self-help or to speed your progress if you are seeing a therapist Read the stories of people like you who have overcome their anxiety using this powerful approach. 

The book guides you through an interactive process. You learn about anxiety and panic, understand your personal anxiety cycle, change how you think about panic, and change how you respond. The explanations are simple and engaging with stories, cartoons, and pictures. It explains how to tell if you would benefit from help either from friends and family or from a therapist, and how to find a therapist.

It is available from Amazon and other online booksellers or you can have your local bookstore order it.

If you are a therapist, you can recommend it to clients on a waiting list, for use between sessions, or to maintain treatment gains. It can be used in individual or group therapy for anxiety disorders. 

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Date:  September 26, 2019 to May 30, 2024