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An Integrative Approach to CBT for Panic Disorder

2-hr accredited CE live webinar 10am-12pm

The San Francisco Psychological Association is sponsoring this live webinar. Nonmembers are welcome to register. Attendees will learn the 5 most common triggers for panic attacks and ways to reduce those triggers, along with 4 evidence-based interventions to help clients manage panic sensations. Common fears about panic will be presented with specific facts to relieve and refute those fears. Interoceptive exposure, a proven technique to help clients lose their fear of panic sensations, will be explained and demonstrated. In vivo exposure will also be described, including 2 ways of creating an exposure hierarchy. Empirically-validated CBT for panic disorder is presented in the context of an integrative model of anxiety.

Attendees will be offered a FREE review copy of the client workbook, "Overcoming Anxiety and Panic interactive guide".

 If you cannot attend on October 24, this webinar will also be given on Saturday October 3 from 10am-12pm sponsored by the Marin County Psychological Association

Date:  September 8 to October 24, 2020