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Dr. McMahon will be participating in the events listed below.


If you are interested in having Dr. McMahon speak to your group, please call her at 415-625-3565. For information on possible topics see Speaking.


Upcoming events
September 12, 2018:  Psychological First Aid Skills for Social Workers
Learn skills to help help you with dealing with survivors of disasters, such as the devastating North Bay wildfires.
September 18, 2018:  Psychological First Aid Skills after Disaster
Cameron House
Psychological First Aid skills can increase personal resilience, improve coping, and help you effectively assist survivors impacted by disaster. 
September 26, 2018:  Tools to Avoid Burnout and Increase Personal Happiness
This workshop on stress, resiliency, and happiness is sponsored by RNPA, the Registered Nurses Professional Association.


Past events
August 11, 2018:  Using Virtual Reality (VR) with Anxiety and Other Disorders
Hilton San Francisco Union Square
A half-day Continuing Education Workshop for Psychologists at the American Psychological Association (APA) Convention
July 29, 2018:  Talk Back Panel Discussion
Potrero Stage
How virtual reality (VR) is currently used in psychotherapy.