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Accelerated Treatment Option

Are you in a hurry to get over your anxiety or fears? Do you have a deadline or other schedule constraint? Will you be coming from outside San Francisco to see Dr. McMahon?

Accelerated treatment is an option for those who want to work intensively and benefit from treatment in a matter of days. Accelerated treatment can include longer than usual therapy sessions, multiple sessions per day or week, and homework (readings and exercises) before the first meeting and between sessions.

Dr. McMahon offers a powerful combination of therapeutic techniques for brief treatment. Cognitive behavioral therapy combined with virtual reality therapy for exposure can reduce the time required to overcome fears and increases the effectiveness of treatment.

A treatment plan will be developed based on your specific issues and concerns.

Please call Dr. McMahon at 1-415-625-3565 for more information. Scheduling is subject to availability and may include weekend appointments.