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Insomnia Treatment Without Medication

Do you have trouble sleeping? 

Are you worried about not getting enough sleep or not sleeping because you are worried? 

Stress and anxiety may cause sleep problems or make existing sleep problems worse. 

Learn to Overcome Insomnia

Dr, McMahon can help you learn to sleep more restfully without medication. Most people start feeling better after only a few sessions with Dr. McMahon.

As your sleep improves, you will generally feel better and healthier. Your mood and energy will improve and stress, worry, and tension will decrease.

Dr. McMahon can help you identify and change behaviors contributing to difficulty sleeping. She can also help you learn self-hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy and other techniques for promoting healthy sleep without medication. Dr. McMahon has over 30 years of experience as a psychologist and specializes in effective treatments for anxiety, fears, and stress.

Call Dr. McMahon at 415-625-3565 for more information.